Terms and Conditions

Rewards Terms and Conditions

By accessing or participating in the 4 Star Rewards Program, you agree to be bound by these terms of use and all terms incorporated by reference. If you do not agree to these terms of use, do not participate in the 4 Star Rewards Program.



    • To become a 4 Star Rewards Program member, guests must enroll for the program online at Rewards.4SRG.com.
    • Only one program registration per person.
    • There is no enrollment fee to join the 4 Star Rewards Program.
    • Members of the same household may enroll for individual accounts.
    • Rewards and point values are subject to change at any point.
    • 4 Star Rewards are for individual customers only. Points and discounts may not be credited to business entities.
    • You must be 18 years of age or older to become a 4 Star Rewards Member.
    • 4 Star Restaurant Group reserves the right to add or remove restaurants, to make changes in the rules or prizes, audit or terminate your membership, or cancel the program at any time without advance notice.
    • 4 Star Restaurant Group reserves the right to send you emails, text messages and mailers as long as you are active in the loyalty program.  Opting out of notifications will result in opting you out of the loyalty program
    • There are 4 Reward Levels. Your Level is based on qualifying in-restaurant and catering transactions accrued by the member at participating restaurants.

Earning Points

    • Members must present their membership number or phone number at the time of the purchase to be credited with any earned points, or contact Rewards@4srg.com with a receipt number from a 4 Star Restaurant paid on a credit or debit card transaction by a registered user.
    • Earn points for every dollar spent on food and beverage (excluding tax, tip and discounts) at all 4 Star Restaurant Group locations based on the Rewards Level you are on.
    • Earn points for every dollar spent on the purchase of Gift Cards or merchandise, but not for Gift Card redemption or reward redemption.
    • During the Holiday Gift Card Promotion, members have the option of earning a bonus gift card or earning points for the purchase, but can not earn both. 
    • Earn points for every dollar spent on Private Parties or Catered Events. To qualify for points on party or catering functions, you must be an active 4 Star Rewards member before booking the event (points for parties are given on food and beverage only).
    • Point values are subject to change during certain promotions and the points-per-dollar ratio may be changed at any time.
    • Members are entitled to earn points only for the portion of the guest check they pay (i.e., members will not earn points when a non-member pays the check).
    • Points are non-transferable or devisable.
    • In the event of a split check or multiple members dining together, points will only be earned for each individual member's portion of the check
    • Gift Card purchases are not eligible for double/triple points. 
    • Private parties and catered events are not eligible for the higher point values in levels 2, 3 and 4 or for double/triple point nights.
    • Points can not be earned on discounted events.

Redeeming Points and Other Rewards

    • Points may not be sold or transferred
    • Points may not be combined except among members of the same household; please send a message to Rewards@4srg.com to inquire about combining points.
    • The available number of points must be sufficient to purchase the reward.
    • Only one reward may be redeemed at a time and cannot be combined with other offers (Guests cannot use $10 off and a coupon at the same time).
    • Reward dollars expire 1 calendar year after the rewards certificate is issued
    • Points and rewards cannot be redeemed for cash. Points can only be redeemed for qualifying items determined by 4 Star Restaurant Group.

Additional Terms and Conditions

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